Terms of service

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The Kewix service is available through the kewix.eu, kewix.hu, kewix.sk, kewix.cz and Kewix mobile applications. Provider: Polgár Zoltán E.V., Külső Pozsonyi út 47., Szombathely, 9700.

All product information and prices displayed on Kewix websites are from our partners. We only provides information to the users, the products displayed are not our offers.

The displayed prices are not guaranteed prices, they may have changed since the last update, or may be incorrect due to incorrect submissions from our partner web stores or technical reasons. We cannot guarantee the validity of the prices, and the provider is not responsible for any correctness.

The data displayed on our pages may only be used with prior written consent!

The provider reserves the right to modify the terms of service.

Our terms of service can be read in full on the following page: Kewix - Terms and Conditions

This document is only an extract from our Terms of Service. In the event of any discrepancy between this page and the English Terms of Service, the English language terms shall prevail.